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Super mac mini modular setup!

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    Wade, have you ever considered building a hackintosh ?
    I'm running one as my main DAW for more than a year now. It's as stable as any mac, and has more processing power than a 3x times more expensive Mac Pro. Never had a single issue.
    I made that choice because I was broke when my previous macbook pro died and I needed the most powerful computer available.
    So I built a CustoMac Pro 2010 with some improvements (i7 950 CPU, SSD for system partition, watercooling kit for CPU). May I add that most hardware components have a 3 to 5 years warranty, without optional /expensive Apple Care.

    PS: it's totally legal here in Europe to build a hackintosh as long as you bought a copy of OSX.


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      That is interesting info. Certainly worth a look.

      For a portable solution though I would think going for the Macbook Pro would be the path of least resistance.

      As a studio workhorse a hackintosh might be a good solution.

      Thanks for the heads up



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        Broke the mould again bought iMac 27" 3.1

        When the retina Mac book pro came out I had such an urge to get it but the cost in Denmark was so prohibitive around 5000 usd fully loaded.

        When i looked around I just found for the money as a starting building block of a up to date system the iMac 3.1 Ghz had alot going for it..

        Cheper used now 14 months or so after it's release.

        A big screen, more space for heat dissipation measures so that means it can be quieter in use. The 3.1 Ghz is louder than the 2.7 Ghz model though.

        Two thunderbolt ports, plus firewire, and Ethernet.

        That means I can still use wormhole without any adapters through ethernet. Then save the two thunderbolt ports for SSD harddisk and an extra monitor if needed. Look ma no dongles..

        Next up the 13" Mbp either the normal or the retina edition. It will be the same deal as the iMac, in 9 months I could get the present 13" model for about 25% off the new price, Or the retina model for 15% off, or just buy new..

        Then One mac mini server 2013-14.

        A three computer setup instead of three mini's

        Advantages are you are buying into the versatility that 3 different form factors offer.

        The iMac big screen fastest consumer processor maximum connectivty, WOW factor for the customers in the shop..

        The Macbook pro 13" is a little powerhouse with two cores and mulitthreading bringing it up to 4 virtual cores. It's lighter this helps as I'll be using it on photo travel safaries, this will have to be carried with me most of the time. Who wants to leave the computer back in the Hostel or in the hotel room in eastern or southern europe, north africa.

        The fact the the Macbook pro 15" weighs 2 kg, means that eh 13" model will have to lose at least 300-400 grams to make it attractive as a lighter Macbook pro...

        The price of the Macbook pro 13" with only two cores and a smaller Retina screen has to mean that it will cost around 25% less than the full MacBook pro 15 " base model.

        For this user that means quite alot. Also considering that I'm going for a three computer setup.

        The mac mini server 2013-14. It's got to aleast have the processor that the base model Macbook pro has 4 cores 2.3 Ghz i7. And must not cost more than the present mac mini server..

        Another intereseting alternative would be to do a mini tower, Hackintosh. with the 2.3 ghz i7...

        I can already see that one 3.1 Ghz iMac gets me a long way to fulfilling my needs for 24 + mulit voice compositions in realtime, no freezing. The modular nature of this setup means I can upgrade one piece at a time, saving me from taking any large unmanageble loans.

        I can easily repurpose one part of the system, to other functions:

        The iMac can function as a screen in target modus through the thnderbolt port for both the Macbook pro and the Mac mini.

        The mac mini alone could be a video nerve center in performance or a media hub for entertainment or for demonstration/teaching also as a backup station using a thnderbolt SSD to Sata II/III harddisks.

        The macbookpro can be used as a audio field recorder, a portable photo editor/storage or in tethered modus for timelapse photography, Also as my portable access to the internet connection..

        With a fast cabled internet connection on both ends I could leave the iMac and the mac mini setup at home, and tap a remote feed from them in a concert situation. Then I'd only have to take the Macbook pro, hookup a live stereo feed or even Surrond encoded signal...

        All three computers can be used individually by a team of 3 or more people in a high pressure deadline/ situation. Or for jamming as a group.

        Redundancy is always good if one computer needs servicing.

        Just a few ideas about the setups this three computer three form factor could be used for serious media production.

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