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Which controller should I get?

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  • Which controller should I get?

    Just wondering which controller I should be looking at to begin with for running N4 standalone?
    Is one model better than the others? Any advice or opinions would be most welcome....
    New or Pre-Loved, it doesn't matter at this stage.

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    Novation Launchpad Mini mk2 or mk3 should be mandatory as it's well integrated.
    Beyond that, whatever knobby, slidey, buttony thing you think fits best with what you want to do and the space you have to work.

    I am quite fond of the Kenton killamix mini (the newish ones w/ non-click knobs), and the Faderfox UC4 for general purpose controller duty.
    It you're feeling plucky you can try to nab a CME Bitstream 3X on ebay, also exceptionally capable, lovely to work with, and likely to outlast us mere mortals.
    Am sure others have good experiences to share as well.


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      Grid modular controllers - class compliant MIDI and HID control.


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        Thanks very much for the input I love some of those!

        Before I get too far off the beaten track, and for step 1
        as far as Lanchpads go, the Mini vs the Pro or X...
        Are the larger models as well implemented as the basic Mini?
        Mini v2 vs v3 same same?

        PS:- A bit of background...
        I'm more than familiar with studio consoles and controllers of that sort, but not at all with Launch type.
        I've got a Nocturn moving notes around on the MonoNote, and TouchOSC for some experimenting with some ideas.
        But I'd prefer not get sucked too far down the rabbit-hole straight off the bat.

        I'm probably looking for the most implemented-least hassle controller to start off with while I consider the controller to rule them all.

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          Yeah that'll be a Launchpad.
          Afaik they all function the same regarding Numerology - hopefully someone else can confirm.
          Mini mk3 seems the sweet spot for price+form if you don't need the standalone stuff.


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            Bewdy thanks.
            I grabbed a used Mini mk3, sounds like the best place to start.



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              I'm blown away! I was expecting to need 2-3 controllers to get started but after a few days I feel reasonably well sorted with just the Launchpad. A few quirks aside, and all things considered...
              But wow, yep. The integration between N4 and the Launchpad is excellent. It's really quite intuitive and very nicely done.

              What isn't covered are the 'normalise interval, gate and velocity,' the 'zero gate, clear mute, seq and sel' buttons on the right of the mononote. Or at least I can't see how,

              I've tried doing sysex from TouchOSC but I can only seem to do a full reset.
              Anyone have any tips on controlling these reset buttons with a controller?
              Or is it perhaps not implemented in any way yet?


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                Regarding the launchpads: I´m torn between mini and x. Outside the size, are there any functional differences? Are velocity and aftertouch recognized by Vector in any way? Or is it "just" an on/off grid for both models?