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Mapping possibilties questions.

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  • Mapping possibilties questions.

    Hello guys, a couple of ( probably stupid ) questions from a noob mapper but I need to start somewhere...

    I would like to implement a sort of "focus" mode where each control would depend on the context and I have absolutely no idea how to begin.

    For exemple, I would like to implement a next/previous stack function from a specific button on my controller and, depending on the stack which is selected, controls will vary to correspond to which device is present. ( Stack would be prebuilt/mapped, no need to map on the fly...)

    In the same manner how could I implement the same next/previous function for stack presets ?

    I suppose this is beyond the usual midi learn/one function per knob mapping.

    Will it lead me to some hardcore coding stuff or is it accessible to the average ? And of course where to start ?

    I plan using the QuNeo as a controller but I didn't mention it in the title since I'm looking for a method rather than a controller specific template, but if any of you are willing to share their QuNeo workflow I would be more tha happy to learn !...

    Thanks very much for your help.
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    The FaderBox and ButtonBox modules are where you should start. Those can generate CCs directly -- handy for hardware and some plugins. But also, you can feed their CV outs into ParamMod modules. Both CC settings and ParamMod settings can vary per stack preset. Of course, best to keep all this 'controller' stuff in a separate stack...

    Now, changing stack presets: You can easily assign MIDI to trigger a stack preset, but I don't think there's a next/prev mapping available yet -- would be a good thing to post to Feature Requests...



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      Thank you Jim.

      I already have a new question.

      Is it possible to setup something to get :

      - When I press play in N4, the mapped controller pad lit accordingly ?
      - When I press stop either on the controller or in N4, transports stops, stop led lights and play led shuts down ?


      I managed to get the expected result by using the gate out from the clock.

      I used the gate cv directly on a note gen sending midi to the "play" led, used an offset in parallel to substract 1 to the signal ( with scale/offset ) and then, negate the result with signal proc going into a second note gen sending another midi note to the stop led.

      I don't know if its the most elegant way to do this but at least it works...
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