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  • Launchpad Pro Setup/Configuration

    UPDATE:Given a little time (and wine) I've made progress. It appears that in order for the LPP to receive the Setup SysEx/Data from N4.1 either:

    a) The LPP has to be on and in programmer mode BEFORE launching N4.1


    b) The LPP can be turned on and put into programmer mode after N4.1 is launched but it won't "sync" with the currently open Stack(s), they need to be (re)opened after the LPP has booted and synced.

    Once done the operation follows the functions outlined on the "Cheat Sheet" included in the Label/Goodie folder from the Downloads page here at Five12.

    If you have any feedback or corrections please reply.



    Having a devil of a time getting the LPP and N4.1 (DEMO) productively communicating. I've done the controller setup (New Controller, Select LPP Standalone for both MIDI In/OUT, OMNI. Save). The only thing that appears to function is the Device button toggles to the Rack and either the User or Session button will toggle to the Mixer from the Rack. The online videos are referencing N2.3 and the original LP (e.g. User 2 button), and the Documentation hasn't caught up with N4.1 yet. Mac Mini under El Capitan. Right now i was looking to directly control N4.1 in standalone, Live is not running during these efforts. Any suggestions would be welcomed!
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    I'm also having this same issue - complete Numerology initiate as well, so a little frustrating! Anyone have any tips for how to get the Launchpad Pro working properly?


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      Try this:

      - Quit N4 if it's running.
      - Plug in the LPad Pro
      - Hold down the Setup button on the LPad, and then press the orange button. That's the one for programmer mode. The button will glow a bit brighter if it is in Programmer mode. After releasing the Setup button, you will see "Programmer" scroll across the grid -- but only if the previous mode was something else.
      - Now check the MIDI Channel for the Lpad: Press Setup again. You'll see the bottom two rows are blue. That is where you set the MIDI Channel. The top-left button (of the two blue rows) is Channel 1, and should (by default) be a darker blue than the others. You can set whatever channel you like, but you will have to make sure your setup in Numerology matches it.

      - Now start Numerology.
      - Open the Controller Setup dialog. If you have not already, use the "gear" menu to add a setup for the Launchpad Pro.
      - Setup the Input and Output MIDI Ports and the MIDI Channel. Use the "Launchpad Pro Standalone" MIDI Ports -- both for input and output.
      - Save the config, and restart Numerology. If you open a project with any Note Sequencers, you should see the Launchpad light up. Use the "Note" button to bring up the "Rack Nav" screen, select a module, etc.

      I've attached a screenshot of my config below. Let me know if this helps!

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        Thanks jim! I have to say I am extremely impressed with how prompt you are responding to everyone.


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          excellent. was totally confused at setting up the lpp, but these instructions got me started.


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            Which LaunchPad should I get?

            What differences in integration is there between Launchpad and Launchpad Pro?


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              Originally posted by OlafFerguson View Post
              What differences in integration is there between Launchpad and Launchpad Pro?
              The only difference from the N4 mapping perspective is that the buttons on the Pro are velocity sensitive for realtime recording. The Launchpad Pro is a bit more flexible in that it can switch from the mode used by Numerology "Programmer" mode, and the one used by Live more easily.