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  • Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3 Works

    ​Just a quick note that the Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3 works. Press setup + track 5 select button to bring up the "FAD"er page - then the bottom scene button labelled "print to clip" to put the LPP into programmer mode.

    In Numerology standalone it's "controller setup" menu and choose "Launchpad Pro Mk3 LPProMk3 MIDI / DIN" (mac) for in/out depending what connection you're using.

    Pads work as described on page 250 of manual (so cursors are not as labelled on LPPmk3 itself - it's up/down/left/right on first 4 top row buttons.

    To Start/Stop when in "rack edit" view, press and hold the 7th top row button ("Sequencer") and then press the top scene button ("Pattern")

    In SEQ CTL page, the 4th row of buttons is: Generate / Evolve x / Evolve y / Evolve z / Double / Shift left / Shift Right / Invert

    I've attached a modified version of the manual page that I use as a reference.


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    Dude, what are you referring to here? I don't see anything named "setup" or track 5 or "print to clip" anywhere. Is this Ableton specific or something? Numerology doesn't use the term "scene".