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  • Line 6 POD Farm

    I got a Line 6 POD hardware unit many years ago before I virtualized my setup. They market it as "ultimate tone for guitar" but it's really a general purpose amp modeler and multi-FX unit that has an amazing assortment of features (and it's extensible with add-on packs). I always thought it was a great unit but it's been sitting in the corner for a while.

    I dusted it off this weekend and was wondering how I can work it into my current computer setup, and noticed Line 6 sells a plug-in version called "POD Farm". Decided to hand over the $50 and I think it was worth it. It's a seamless way to use any of those POD FX inside Numerology or your DAW. It's working great so far, lots of parameter modulation opportunity.

    If you have money to blow, the platinum version includes all available effects for $250. But note if you have a POD and already paid for add-on packs, you would just be paying for them again with the platinum version. Get the basic version and buy more add-on packs later if you want them (not sure if you can do that if you don't have the POD hardware though).

    If you don't have a POD, it sounds like you need to get one of those annoying iLok USB keys. Lame!