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A "chord memory" patch

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  • A "chord memory" patch

    Here's a nice way to use Numerology to play selected chords with single notes. ChordSeq is a good tool for this because it offers a comprehensive library of chords to use at each step:

    With the ChordSeq in "MIDI Trig: Play" run mode and 9999% rate, it's basically stationary unless you send it a MIDI note. The same MIDI note also gets processed through ParamMod, where Note Number chooses the StartStep and the Gate activates Reset. This means that on every MIDI note, ChordSeq (1) resets to a step that's chosen by the pitch of your MIDI note, and (2) plays that step. (This works better than using CurrStep as a destination if you want to be able to replay the same chord (step) by pressing the same key again.)

    Send it notes from the lowest octave.

    Good way to experiment with different chord progressions.