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Logic X and N4 AUMX : Quick Setup

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  • Logic X and N4 AUMX : Quick Setup

    This is a super-short setup guide for setting up the Numerology AUMX plugin in Logic X:

    - In your LogicX project, create a new Software Instrument Track with any instrument --- or just pick an existing track. FYI: Logic will not route MIDI from Audio Unit MIDI Effects to external sources.

    - From the MIDI FX menu on the instrument track's channel, choose Audio Units, Five12, NumerologyAUMX.

    - Then, in the Numerology AUMX's editor panel, drag any of the NoteSequencer modules into the Modules area -- image below. If you do not see the Module Browser on the left-hand-side of the plugin UI, click on the "Browser" tab, then "Modules.

    - By default, the MonoNote will generate quarter notes in it's default state. All of the other modules need something programmed into them -- see the manual for the details, but adding notes is very straightforward: On the PolyNote and Matrix seqs, click on the grid to add notes. For the DrumSeqs, click on the step 'sliders' to add drum hits.

    - At any time click the play button on the LogicX transport to start the sequencer(s).
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    Logic Pro X and numberology plug in

    I can follow what was stated above but how do I actually record the sequence. I tried looking at the manual but without visuals frankly it's hardly to follow. There was the directive to change midi settings. There are many ways to supposedly send the numerology sequencer info to logic, first as a standalone (recording audio and sending, something I can't figure out how to do anyways) and the other routing the sequences into logic by different means.

    I'm learning how to use logic pro x through youtube tutorials, there are plenty but I'm surprised there are hardly none for numerology even though it's an amazing sequencer.



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      Logic Pro does not record the MIDI notes sent from MIDI plugins.
      You can use this plugin to do it:
      Add it as a MIDI FX after Numerology, play what you want and then drag the track from the plugin window to a software instrument track as a MIDI region.


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        thank you. so it's not as simple as "recording" midi regions from within the logic app. you need something like the midi freeze to keep your arrangement and use it?

        Edit: omg that worked flawlessly. thank you so much!
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          Using only Logic Pro X and Numerology 4 Pro, this video shows playback and eventually MIDI Recording the MIDI output from Numerology.