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Live wont save or find my settings

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  • Live wont save or find my settings

    Hi! Since i upgraded to Numerology 4, Live won't save my settings in the Numerology VST. When i load a Live project where i created a sequence in Numerology 3.2, the plug in itself loads but the stack is empty. This only happens to the Numerology plug in and not to other VST's. Does anyone have a clue if this is a bug in Live or if it has something to do with a setting i forgot about? Thanks!

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    Run N4 standalone and check a couple things:

    - That you have build 170 installed. (if not, install)
    - That your serial number show up in the 'About' dialog -- if not, your install is not activated properly -- option click the Numerology menu and pick "Force Re-Activate".

    If that doesn't sort it out, email me for next steps...



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      Quick and accurate support as always; build 170 did the trick! Thank you and have a great weekend!