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(Lack of) visual feedback over multiple stacks in Ableton

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  • (Lack of) visual feedback over multiple stacks in Ableton

    I'm quite new to Numerology and have only recently made a serious effort of using it (with a Launchpad Mini) to sequence 4+ hardware synths that I'm simultaneously multi-track recording into Ableton.

    Since my ideal is definitely zero-latency MIDI transmission to my external gear, it seems best recommendation for such integration is to use the VST. For multiple MIDI channel outputs in Ableton, that means multiple Numerology VST instances. (The same would be the case if I wanted to sequence multiple stacks at the same time while using Numerology AUs -- one hosted AU instance per stack.)

    The downside to this configuration is that Rack Navigation via Launchpad (or presumably any other controller) doesn't produce the same level of visual feedback you get in the Numerology app. When navigating to a new stack via Launchpad, the app switches the displayed stack accordingly. When Ableton's the host, navigating to new stacks via Launchpad has no effect on the view -- for the same level of visual feedback, it seems you have to either use a mouse and/or keyboard to navigate between the different plugins and open their "edit views," or have all the plugins' "edit views" arranged on some large monitor. As far as I can tell, this is Ableton's limitation -- it won't map MIDI messages to the plugin edit view action, so you'll hear of people doing stuff like using Bomes to map MIDI messages to the "cmd+opt+P" keystroke that performs this action.

    So, those more seasoned with using Ableton + multiple simultaneous Numerology stacks: how do you work without tediously mousing around to view the details of your different stacks that aren't represented on a grid controller? Should I accept MIDI latency as a tradeoff and just use the app linked via ReWire to Ableton?

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    Sorry to bump, but does nobody have experiences they can relate regarding this?


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      Originally posted by autopoiesis View Post
      Sorry to bump, but does nobody have experiences they can relate regarding this?
      First, apologies for not responding sooner -- I try to respond to every forum post, but sometimes one slips through. On the plugin UI + controller integration front, I will try a couple things to see if this can be improved, but can't guarantee anything. In general, the visibility of plugin windows is controlled by the host -- the plugin just responds to 'open window' and 'close window' commands. I can try running those commands from the plugin directly, which may or may not work reliably ....



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        Appreciate the response, Jim! I won't get my hopes up too much about overriding hosts' behavior regarding plugin displays, but it would be pretty fantastic if those commands could actually execute from the plugin, without breaking anything else of course

        I was mostly hoping to hear how others have worked around this, since it realistically seems like a brute fact of working with certain DAWs. Maybe I need to invest in a nice, big monitor I can rotate 90 degrees to so I can see stacks upon stacks simultaneously.


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          I use osx 'spaces' function a lot, and drag plugin windows to empty spaces. Works really well for me.
          Not all daws are able to do this. I'm happy numerology does.


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            Similar Problem, Navigating within a long (vst/AU) stack

            Hey, I also work in Ableton with multiple stacks and have thought it would be most helpful if Numerology was able to auto-scroll itself to the selected module within a stack.

            Many of my stacks have enough modules that the one I've selected (with Push) is often below the view of the particular window and it'd be great if Numerology could modify its view/scroll state to place the selected module front and center in the window.

            Ideally, I could see this as a view mode that ONLY displays specific conditions of the module selected (ie: center the module in the window, display the module selected + 1 below, or display only one module at t time.)

            I understand that it might be impossible to have Live bring windows forward in the app, but within a window it would be very helpful to have Numerology display prominently whatever module is selected from a hardware controller.