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Best way to trigger Sequencer from Sequencer

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  • Best way to trigger Sequencer from Sequencer

    Hi everyone,
    I'm just getting started with Numerology so apologies for such a noobish question.

    I'm using a load of loop-off sequencers that each trigger a specific sequencer each time they end. I've been doing this by putting a CV trigger on the last step of each sequencer, into a short delay. However, this only works with the first trigger, as all further triggers seem to be negated by the fact that the CV trigger from the end of the first sequencer continues to give a positive value, even after the pattern has ended.

    I got around this by using an extra CV off step after the last step of each sequencer - this seems a bit "hacky"; is there a better way to trigger sequencer to sequencer?

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    Sounds like you may be using a ModSeq as the trigger source, try using a Gate Seq instead.



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      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for getting back to me. I'm trying trigger at the end of MonoNote Sequencer sequences. In fact, I'm trying to create randomly ordered triggering of a number of different MonoNote Sequencers, by each triggering another MonoNote Sequencer that randomly triggers the other Sequencers via MIDI.


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          First, apologies for the super-slow reply -- don't hesitate to ping me here or via email when that happens.

          As for the trigger issue: The only way to do it for now is to use a gate sequencer (or a few), set to the appropriate length, and have it trigger the other sequencers. What we really need here are some trigger outs from the MonoNote...