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Noatikl running within N3?

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  • Noatikl running within N3?

    Hello folks

    anyone have success in running Noatikl (I'm still on 1.8x) within the N3 "wrapper"?
    Tried it a couple of days ago, managed to get it running once and then nada.
    Ideally I'd like to set up a Listen voice to drive a generative counterpoint to an evolving N3 line.
    Why do I want to run Noatikl as well?
    Just because each program has its own idiosyncrasies and I'd likely get two different phrasing outputs as a result... IMHO.

    Cheers & thanks


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    Noatikl running with N3

    I never had much success with Noatikl plug-ins. Period. However, the latest version /will/ run in Reaper (32 & 64 bit) and in Cubase (running in 64-bit; Noatikl isn't even visible to Cubase 32 mode.)

    The Isomorphic developers claim they have been forced over to the 64-bit only architecture by Apple. This doesn't explain why so many other plug-in products seem to work flawlessly, or at least predictably with just about any sequencer/DAW.

    Sorry for the negativity; I find their approach to customer service a bit disingenuous.

    I get the most success out of Noatikl via its stand alone version for generating generative MIDI. But you might try using Noatikl + N3 in some other environment and use routing options to get what you need. Again, I've found Reaper to be the most robust and flexible for this. Cubase (which has been my go-to DAW) seems to have let me down with the MIDI routing of two internal MIDI streams; not sure what's going on; don't have time or inclination to sort it out at this point.



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      You might also try bidule...



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        @Jim - thx for reminding me of the Bidule environment!

        @eenixon - Intermorphic were overtaken IMHO by the surge in interest in the whole "generative" thing...maybe rested a little too long on the laurels of their previous success (Koan) and collabs with Mr. Eno.
        But I've never personally found them to be unresponsive. Both Tim and Pete were always helpful.

        Anyway - will need to shake the dust off my previous Reaper install (experiment failed due to incommunication issues with Soundflower - maybe I'll be luckier with JackOSX).

        Cheers / ciao