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  • Vector Sequencer Question

    I'm really excited about the Vector Sequencer! I've mostly moved my music creation workflow to mobile devices but there is nothing that compares to Numerology on iOS (or Windows or Linux for that matter). Having Numerology in hardware form seems to solve this problem.

    But I know very little about eurorack. Do you need to purchase or already have a case for the Vector Sequencer. Power Supply? Can it run by itself as a standalone device?

    What other than the Vector Sequencer module would I need to make it work?

    As an aside, I can't believe I have been on this forum (mostly as a lurker) for 10 years. What an awesome piece of software (thanks Jim!) with a great community to go with it.

    Thanks y'all

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    Thanks for the nice comments!

    With the Vector, at a minimum, you need a case and a power supply -- keeping in mind that some cases include power and some do not. Eurorack power provides voltage at +12, -12 and +5 Volts. The Vector uses both +12 and -12, so you can't just use a wall wart.

    A couple of available case options I can recommend:
    4MS PODs (both 48hp and 60hp) -- small and convenient, include power.
    Moog 60hp case (what the Mother 32 uses) -- cheap, but needs power. Look for a TipTop microZeus or 4MS RowPower as options there.

    Also: Ask around w/ friends or online, it isn't usual to find someone selling a case, and there are several active marketplaces for used Eurorack gear. If you are decent with woodworking, it isn't difficult to build a case.

    You can definitely use the Vector as a MIDI sequencer with just its own case and power -- it works equally well w/ CV and MIDI. But also: check your equipment, if you have any analog synths, there's a fairly good chance they also have a CV option, which gives you more flexibility in how you allocate outputs from the Vector.

    If you have a lot of MIDI gear, and/or use DIN sync for anything, consider the Expander module -- it adds DIN MIDI in and out, as well as DIN sync in and out on 5 pin connectors. The Expander is physically deeper than the Vector, so keep that in mind when looking at cases. For instance, the standard POD60 is too shallow for the Expander, you would need the POD60X, which is deeper.

    For power and size specs on the Vector & Expander, see their pages on ModularGrid:



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      Thanks Jim,

      Thanks for the info, i'll take a look at those cases!

      Keep up the awesome work!