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N4 to VCV Rack connection

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  • N4 to VCV Rack connection

    The VCV Rack is a virtual modular synthesizer system now with more that thousand different modules for sound and sequencer creation. And the best the most of this modules are free to get.
    Please have a look here: for the software.
    You have to make a free account to get access for the plugin manager were you are able to select the modules if you think you need more than the standard.

    To connect this software to DAWs you have to use the so called Bridge, because there is no AU or VST version.

    Made three examples to show how you could connect Numerology with the VCV Rack.
    The first shows how to set up the so called Bridge to work with Numerology sending your Numerology data to the VCV Rack and getting the resulting audio back. The second shows how to send audio to the VCV Rack and getting it back from there, for using all the VCV effects and modulation possibilities. The third is a variation of the first were the possibility for sending modulations from Numerology to the VCV Rack via MIDI CCs is shown.

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