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  • Quality Accessment Plug ins..

    I'm going to take a bit of my Tonemeister background and apply it to a task, that is somewhat difficult, and controverisial. I'm spending alot of money and time buying and checking out plugins.

    So I thought I'd sketch out My thoughts about assesment parameters. Here is just a list to start with.

    Sound quality

    Ease of use.

    Application specfic "fits like a glove"

    Graphical User interface;
    Visually pleasing
    Easy on eyes, prevents eyestrain
    Ease of navigation,
    intuitively placed controls
    Overview harmoniious conductive.
    Balance between access to needed tools and features and an overburdened cluttered look.
    Graphics Follows a general style suitable for the intended user group.

    Relative to real world.
    Tools that build on users previous experience. Emulations or totally new angles on sound.

    Popular too much presence or too little

    Esoteric. Too obsucre to be usefull, to much ahead of the envelope/unsupported.

    Value for money depth of features versus sound quality workflow.

    Playability, responsivness.

    Detailed, nuanced.

    Rich fullness of sound.

    Feature bloat

    inteliigent/accessable realtime modulation control

    Developer responisvness

    Tutorials Manuals user to user assistance.

    Price Performance.

    Focus group apllicability.

    Just a little blurb I'll get back to.


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    I like that list of criteria. Very logical and useful.

    If a person was reviewing some software and used that list, a person would get a pretty complete picture! So much better than the 3 or 4 categories that some mags use.


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      Originally posted by stubbsonic View Post
      I like that list of criteria. Very logical and useful.

      If a person was reviewing some software and used that list, a person would get a pretty complete picture! So much better than the 3 or 4 categories that some mags use.
      I'm like a predator circling in on the prey when I do research on things.

      So the list above needs to get added to suggestions are warmly appreciated.

      At the conservatory we had a series of sessions doing analysis of records using 6 criteria. The process was very interesting. We felt we got a better understanding of what made a recording good better or great..

      What a long list of points as the above brainstorm session can be useful for developing grouping of the various quality parameters into categories. Qualifying what is important.




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        A plug in, or device is a working enviroment. A place where things happen.

        It's perhaps a map a with compass and bearing points, topographical, symbolic, a time machine. A time stopper.




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          Workplace, and enviroment. Needs orientation, based on a larger enviroment perhaps the primordial forest with it's topography it's landmarks, it fruitful groves, dangers, impasses, limitations. All this is somehow boiled down into an interface for sound.
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            Why is everthing to do with sound technology often reduced to boxes grids, look at the piano keyboard, like one big mathematical equation 88, 12 keys per octave, the overtone series could never agree with such a regular equation.

            Music is perhaps the most human of the art, but it makes us into running timepieces. Tick tock Tick tock, one two three four. After 40 years or more of music, I've really never been satisfied with the stiff regularity of the formal musical framework.

            Anyways the point I'm circulating about with this interface thing is a desire to break the compartamentalized boxed in way of approaching the problem..

            It seems with all we know about the human organism the pyschological aspects of the human condition that we should have come up with interfaces by now that are self explanetory, a natural extension of our intelligence not a challenge to our cognizance! We need to take a new tool in use and master it in a relatively short time before the magic of creative intention evaporates..

            My feeling is that the interfaces need to be featured topographically like a landscape is instantly deciferable, you reach that valley there by following the gullies, the dry creekbeds. Not by taking the steepest angle over treacherous ground. It this viscerial power, in the interface the teaching interface that makes the brain waves catch on fire. Motivates good working methods and enables a good musically useful result.
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              I completely agree with you that an interface is very important. It can make you feel connected to the tool like a good "handle".

              However, the nature of it being intuitive and simple mean that it can fall into "grid" mode by necessity (?). Which can suck some of the life out of the creative process. A simple interface that doesn't box you in, and doesn't distract you is probably hard to make.