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AU plugins with multi in/out that work ... or not

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  • AU plugins with multi in/out that work ... or not

    I tried loading the AU(i) plugins that I have installed and which have multiple in and/or outputs. Maybe others can list their experiences here too? Some first reports of my successess/failures:


    - [AudioRealism] Drum Machine ('ADM') (1/1 mono; 1/1 stereo) --> should be: no input, 12 stereo (24 mono?) out (at least that's what the AUi shows me in Reaper; the VSTi has 1 ('main') out stereo, 11 mono outputs; thus 13 out total). Crashes on attempt to load after choosing between configurations.

    - [Access Music] Virus Control Center (+ Access Virus TI2 Polar) (1/1 stereo; does not show a (s) to indicate stereo) --> should be: 1/3 stereo.


    - [SonicCharge] MicroTonic, AUMulti version (0/8 stereo)

    - [D16] Nepheton (0/12 stereo)
    - [D16] Drumazon (0/12 stereo)
    - [D16] Nithonat (0/8 stereo)

    - [Native Instruments] Kontakt 4 (0/1 stereo; 0/32 stereo)
    - [Native Instruments] Reaktor 5 / Reaktor 5 FX (2/2 stereo; does not show a (s) to indicate stereo) (surprisingly, only 1 stereo in/outputs available in AU/AUi, where VST has 8 (mono) outputs. Also in other hosts, so, this seems to be inherent in the AU versions, not some failure of N3Pro. However, it *feels* like a failure... :P).

    - [Image-Line] Drumaxx (0/1 stereo; does not show a (s) to indicate stereo). Similar to above: no bug, but feels like fail). NB: you can still set a different output; playing the drum sound then crashes the host (also happens in Reaper). I have just reported this to Image-Line as well, it's a very new plugin so it may well be something they overlooked on their side.

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    Bidule used as synth seems work well, the dialog offer a choice between 1 stereo out and 16 stereo out but when i try to open bidule Numerology crashes

    Bidule used as FX (FX, FX sidechain , MFX) don't show the dialog and set the AU with 1 stereo in and 1 stereo out but when i try to open bidule Numerology crashes
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      Some more additions to the multi output AU compatibility:

      Spectrasonics RMX,
      Izotope iDrum,

      Camelaudio Alchemy:
      I can't even initiate this instrument to test its multi output functionality because Numrology crashes as soon as I drop it into the stack.

      I used the new Audio Mixer module to cable the ("success") plugin's outputs into. Noticed that it could be useful to have a visual beep or something to indicate when audio passes though one of the mixer channels. Now I had to do a lot of muting to find out if the multiple plugin connections were "hot" or not.

      It would also be cool if the the Mixer Module would "self cable" if dropped into a stack after a multi output AU. First Mixer Module should snag outputs 1-4 and if a second Mixer Module is dropped after the first one it will take over and snag AU output 5-8.
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