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  • So far so Good - build 1

    Installed Build 1 yesterday. TBH, I'm not really noticing much new at first glance with V3. [EDIT - see below] I called up a piece I've been working on that has both Volta and Drumaxx and everything worked perfectly. I'm not sure yet, but it seems like the behavior is better changing presets. I've been having troubles with V2 stacks getting out of sync when changing presets, as if the preset change is not being quantized at the measure for multiple stacks. That seemed better yesterday but not 100% on that yet till I work with it some more.

    Is the custom scale feature implemented at all yet? I couldn't locate it and not even sure where to look. OOPS - I just looked again and realized I had the module list set at Standard and not Advanced - one of those new install gotchas. Now I see some new stuff!! DOH!

    A minor suggestion would be to have a new application Icon for V3 that is not identical to V2, since most of us will have both installed for a while anyway.

    Thanks Jim!

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    I just tried the Custom Scale module and it works perfectly**. Can't tell you how thrilled I am about this. This module is very easy to use! I set up Super-Locrian mode in less than a minute. I exported it, deleted the module in the stack and imported it back in as a test all with the transport running. Works great! I can just start making up my favorite scales now, save them to a folder and import whenever I want. This is just fantastic for a scale lover like me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

    I first tried instantiating the Custom scale module after a Note generator and had everything routed correctly but got no MIDI output at all. As soon as I deleted the Note gen and hooked the Mononote directly to the Custom Scale everything worked perfectly. I suppose the Note Gen is superfluous?

    **EDIT: I just changed some scale parameters of the Custom Scale and it stopped working altogether. Then I exported it and re-imported and it worked, but now the MIDI Output indicator at the bottom is not working but it's playing fine. On further investigation, it's not quantizing one note correctly in the scale though, for some reason. Step 11 is set to +1, in the key of C so the M7 (B) should be quantized to a C but it's playing B instead. Also tried setting it to -1 so it should play a Bb but it still plays a B. I tried re-importing it with the same result.

    Step 11 doesn't work at all with any key signature or any setting
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      Found it, just a simple 'off by 1' error, will be fixed in the next build.



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        Just wanted to chime in and say N3 is working pretty smooth for me as well. No major hang-ups yet. Need to do more extensive testing over the next dew days.
        ReallyReally happy about the new logic modules.


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          Originally posted by ehdyn View Post
          ReallyReally happy about the new logic modules.
          me too, use this with Volta or SW can be a power tool...may be we can do an emulation makenoise math modules ...
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            What are the machine and system requirements for Numerology 3?