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Num 3.1 VST hosted in Live

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  • Num 3.1 VST hosted in Live

    Running Num 3.1 VST under Ableton Live looks incredibly powerful. Combining Num's live sequencing with Live's Looper plugin and maybe even Mobius VST for real audio mangling. Wow.

    Checking it out as I type... I guess each Num VST instance is to be viewed as "a stack"?
    Best wishes
    Per Boysen

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    Im very happy with the vst version. Running Numerology standalone is very powerful, but for someone new to it is very comfortable to work in a familiar environment (Live in this case), and you can get the best from 2 worlds (or 3 or 4).
    I dont like when developers make bloated software that try to cover all aspects and loose their point. Numerology is a modular sequencer, Ableton Live is an innovative live tool, Pro Tools or Reaper are tape machines on steroids, very different things.


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      This works really well, and is an integral part of my workflow.

      One thing I'd love to be able to do, though, is to use 2 Launchpads. 1 for the default Ableton Live template, and one for Numerology. When I assign 1 Launchpad as a control surface in Live, and leave 1 for use with Numerology: 1 of them takes input and responds to messages for both Numerology and Ableton, so you can a single page with both templates going on.

      Maybe I should just Rewire at this point?