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sequencing loops with audio sample module

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  • sequencing loops with audio sample module

    Now that we've got the audio sample module, what I would like to do is trigger loops in sync. Let's say I have a 95bpm loop that lasts a full measure. Would I use the MonoNote sequence to trigger the sample? If so, how would I configure it to accomplish this simple task? I've been playing around with various settings but can't seem to get the loop playback to sync properly. The next gate trigger is either too late, or too early. I've tried setting the host BPM to 95, then setting the Gate on step 1 to Tie, and then various settings

    Now, what I'm NOT trying to do is use Num as sort of a replacement for Ableton Live. What I would actually like to do is use Num to slice n' dice the sample through adjustment of the loop start and end points, but I figure I'll start with just playing back the full loop in sync, triggering it on the 1 and playing the full loop out over the rest of the measure, and then restarting on the 1 at the beginning of the next. Does this make sense?

    Edit: oh yeah, how would one set the note cutoff, so the sample stops playing the next time it's triggered?
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    I did a quick try and was able to get a reasonably decent loop a drum pattern by setting all the gates of steps 1-15 to 'tie', and the last one to about 0.9, then tweaking the tempo until it matched. That last bit is gonna be a bit tricky, of course.

    I also tried a little slice-n-dice w/ the DrumKit, which wasn't too bad, as long as the loop is pretty short (1 bar is best), and you don't mind loading multiple copies of it.

    Of course, a bit-o-multisampling would be very handy here...



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      Is there a way to set it such that the audio sample only plays once, rather than loops? And is there any way to have a note retrigger cut off the playback of the previous note played? I can get fairly close using the BPM adjust method (on the one-bar loop, I have to boost it to about 113) but what I wind up getting after a couple plays through the sequence is a pronounced phasing effect, which is cool, but not really what I'm looking for.

      See what a can of worms you opened up here, Jim? :-)


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        There's no loop mode or voice counter yet, but they are on 'the list', and posts like these definitely help get them pushed up in priority. Stay tuned...