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  • jayfordroland
    THank for the guide..

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  • alex10
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    thanks for info

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  • jim
    started a topic Forum Tip : Email Access

    Forum Tip : Email Access

    Anyone can easily setup their account to receive email notifications for posts to a forum. This is very handy, for instance, if you want notification of new beta releases via email, by setting up notification from the Five12 News forum.

    Here are the instructions:
    - Login to the forum
    - Click on "User CP" (first item on the red bar)
    - Look towards the bottom of the "Your Control Panel" item list for "Edit Forum Subscriptions"
    - Choose the email notification type you want for each forum.

    If you are a Numerology user, you can request to be setup to get instant email notification for all forum posting, and be able to use email to post directly to the forum. These features allow you to participate directly in the forum via email, just like it was at Yahoo Groups. To request this feature, send email to info (at) five12 (dot) com, and include the following items:
    - Your full name (that you used to purchase Numerology)
    - Your Numerology serial number or the email address that you used when you purchased it.
    - Your forum username.

    I will then add you to a special forum usergroup that will automatically sign you up for instant emails for each forum post, and send you instructions on how to post to the forum via email.

    All emails from the forum come from a set of email addresses originating from "", so you can easily filter them into a folder.

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