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setting up buttons for incremental program/bank change?

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  • setting up buttons for incremental program/bank change?

    Is there any conceivable way to set up buttons that will cycle through programs and banks incrementally? i.e. start at Bank 1, Program 1, then after 128 it switches to Bank 2, Program 1, and so on.
    I'd like to be able to quickly switch patches in a plugin that has an atrocious interface that won't even let you switch programs with the computer keyboard arrows.
    I can't wrap my head around this problem right now (but I'm also not sure Numerology can even do this! Also having a strange sense of déjà vu about this question)

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    Start with the Program Change module. The values you enter for band and program change are saved per preset and can be modulated, so that gives you two options:

    - the easiest: use a dedicated stack to control the target synth, and store a different bank/program number per Numerology preset. Then change Numerology presets to
    control the other synth.

    - A bit more setup: Use a modulation sequencer(s) to set bank and program number, then a gate sequencer to trigger the 'Now' button.

    Easy way to modulate just about anything: control-click and pick 'add modulation'.