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how to send transport to external synth?

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  • how to send transport to external synth?

    hi everyone,
    I'm having a hard time getting the sequencer on one of my elektron machines to receive transport from numerology. it works occasionally but it's not reliable, so i have to manually match the bpm's and hit play on both sequencers simultaneously. I have the synth set up in the SyncSetup menu to receive clock, and I have no trouble sending midi notes, and "transport receive" is selected on the synth. any ideas?

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    What Elektron box is it? Are you connected via MIDI or USB? I used to have the A4 and remember having issues. Transport via USB was completely broken with one of the OS updates and the only solution was to have the A4 be the main clock/transport. I can't remember if it was the same over MIDI. (I currently have a Monomachine and transport receive works just fine.)


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      hey thanks for getting back to me. i was trying on an A4 mkII, and I'm trying again now on my digitakt - same issue here. newest OS's on both machines. i haven't had luck with my elektrons as the master either, but i'm not confident i have everything configured right in numerology with that setup, because numerology needs to also send midi notes to the synths


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        Another thing you might want to try if you haven't already: in the Clock stack, turn the clock off and on again, then re-select the correct MIDI port from the destination drop-down menu.
        (My new Numerology projects won't sync to Live even though the correct port is shown as being in use, so I always have to do this!)