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Supported grid controllers 2021

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  • Supported grid controllers 2021

    After doing some searches here on the forum, I'm more confused than ever about which grid controllers are supported. IMO, this information should be a sticky somewhere. Maybe I just missed it.

    For example, is the Launchpad Pro MK3 on the supported list?

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    The official word is that the newer Catalina builds support the Launchpad Pro MK3.


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      As a new Numerology user, and a brand new Launchpad user, I bashed my head against this one for quite a while. The buttons are different on the Launchpad Pro MK3, so the stickers need to be placed differently from other Launchpad models. Maybe if I was an experienced user, upgrading from a previous Launchpad, this would have been obvious, but as a new user this drove me crazy for hours. The documentation needs an update, or at least there should be some info regarding this in what passes for a "Readme" about the new builds.

      Don't do it like the documentation says:

      Instead, do it like this: