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Drum menu question on the Vector

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  • jim
    First you'll want to reformat a Part to be in Drum mode. Press GLOBALs then NEXT to get to the PARTS setup page. Select any Part from 5 to 8 (I usually use 7 or 8 for drums), then
    set the TYPE to DRUM, adjust the length if you like (tho longer sequences also means fewer presets), SHIFT+CLEAR to start the change, then NEXT to confirm. See page 14 in the 2.0 manual for more details.

    Next, you'll want to navigate over to the ROUTING pages to assign some outputs to the drum part. The Trigger outs on the Expander are ideal for drums, and you can swipe a couple Velocity outs as well. Another option if you have a MIDI 2 CV converter handy is to use that. For more on Routing, see page 8 in the manual -- and let me know if anything is confusing.


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  • sacguy71
    started a topic Drum menu question on the Vector

    Drum menu question on the Vector

    My new Vector arrived and really love it. i am trying to figure out how to use the drum and chord submenu option. How do I access it on the Vector?
    ​​​​​​I want to sequence my BIA as the bass/kick drum, Hexinverter Hi hats and snare, Plonk as clap drum and Plaits as tom drum.