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Pigments 3 from Arturia in Numerology ????

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  • Pigments 3 from Arturia in Numerology ????

    Hi, Anybody using Pigments 3 in Numerology ?

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    i recently got pigments 3. haven't used it in numerology.. but the arturia synth's GUIs are wonky in numerology. getting them to scale properly and display the gui correctly is a problem. there is usually a blank black space at top or bottom.. accessing the plug in settings of the synths doesn't help much. not sure if it's a numerology issue or arturia issue... i don't have this issue w/other AU synths.


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      i guess it's a long standing issue. i reported it to arturia


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        i reported the problem to Arturia and this is the response i got.. lol. "use reaper"

        Thank you for reaching us and for using our instruments!

        As you can see below, we test our software instruments and effects with the following DAWs :

        This mean we cannot ensure that our instruments will be compatible with other DAWs/sequencer.

        I've created a feature request to possibly allow the use of our instruments with this sequencer. You can consider your request as taken into account on our end.

        Also, I suggest you to use Reaper if you don't have another DAW, as it is free to use :

        Indeed, I stay at your disposal if you need further assistance!

        Kind regards,