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Launch Pad X and Numerology

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  • Launch Pad X and Numerology

    I am a newbie to the world of Novation Launch Pad. I bought a Launchpad X the other day and I am able to do the setup in Numerology so that it sees the device. My primary use case would be to use it to launch presets. The instructions in the manual appear to be for a prior version of Launchpad as the buttons mentioned do not appear on a Launchpad X. Which button on the Launchpad X will put it in Preset mode? I am assuming that the preset selection still works the same and navigation still works the same using the up/down left/right arrows.

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    I don't have support for the new Launchpads ready yet, hopefully soon.



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      These models have been out for several years now.


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        Sorry didn't mean to be rude. Can you tell me the value that is sent by the button that gets it into Preset mode. Maybe I can do a custom template in the Launchpad X.


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          It's a bit more complicated than that -- The MIDI Note Numbers for the pads changed with the new versions, and that has to be accounted for in the code.


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            I should be able to figure out that mapping in the Launchpad X custom editor if I know what value triggers preset mode, obviously you know more than me though. I'm not trying to be smart with you but this is kind of a feature that you toot your horn about in the manual as a selling feature. I just think if you know all the ins and outs you should be able to keep this up to date. Launch pad X came out in October of 2019 almost 16 months ago. I work in software for a living and I understand that things take time but I am frustrated that an advertised feature doesn't work.


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              Chiming in to say I bought a mini mk3 to use with the Vector but I’d love to be able to use it with N4.