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  • understanding autosave

    Hello, I just blew 2hrs of sequencing b/c I thought that autosave meant it would just save it when I powered down my rack...

    Here is a video demonstration. I power up, I load my project "OSO", confirm autosave is ON, power down, power up, sequence is gone

    The docs ( barely mention autosave but say "Autosave happens when you stop the transport."

    1. What does "stop the transport" mean and what is a "transport"? Is "stop" different than power off?
    2. maybe separate subject but in the video you can see that I press Run and nothing happens, what am I missing there?

    Thanks in advance, I'm becoming obsessed with understanding this thing

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    Stopping the transport just means stopping the sequencer from running. If the Vector is sync'd internally, hitting RUN to stop the sequence will trigger an autosave. If you are using and external sync source that does start/stop (e.g. any form of DIN or MIDI Sync), same thing, but happens when you stop the sync source. For 'modular sync', eg. clock and reset, it happens if you stop the Vector manually. It takes a couple seconds to get the project saved to the SD card, so saving on power off isn't possible. At some point I'd like to get it to autosave in the background while running, but that's really quite tricky to do reliably without affecting the timing of a running sequence, so I've set that idea aside for now.



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      Ok that is some crucial information that must make it into the manual

      I worked for a long time with Pamela's New Workout controlling clock and reset which was all lost, there's no way to know that autosave does not work under certain conditions.

      Here are my suggestions:

      1. Put everything you said into the manual regarding limitations of autosave while using external sync. The manual is the bible and we rely on it heavily, autosave is barely mentioned, this could save someone from losing their mind
      2. Replace any usage of the word "transport" with "sequencer", transport could mean a number of things including the unit itself
      3. If there are a few critical seconds of save time while it writes to disk, add a pinning wheel or some indicator (a blinking dot) that writing is in progress

      Dunno if you watched the short video but I did not have an external source connected that time, I hit run several times but nothing was happening and nothing was autosaved - what is going on there?


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        I'll be updating the doc shortly in preparation for the 2.0 release, I'll be sure to update the description for how autosave works. For status updates on saves,
        check out the top-right of the 2nd OLED. Most of the time it will display the name of the project you're working on, and a small 'disk' icon. When there's a
        dot in the disk, it means the project has been edited. There's a short animation (sometimes too short to notice) when saving, then a big square in the disk icon
        when the project has been saved.

        For the 'sequencer not starting' bit, always check your sync settings (first page of GLOBAL). In your video, I can see you have sync set to CR/4, but
        don't have a clock source connected.



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          Thanks man! I really appreciate your responses and its an awesome sequencer.


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            You're welcome!