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Numerology (still in demo mode) not showing up in Ableton 10

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  • Numerology (still in demo mode) not showing up in Ableton 10

    I am REALLY making use of the whole "no foolish questions" motto here I know. I installed Numerology Pro first. Then read up on it and realized I didn't need it. I then downloaded and installed N4SE. Install went fine and I see the plugin in the correct folder but it is not showing up in the plugins area of Live. Yes, I selected the options to use VST and AU plugins and everything else in the folder reads as normal. Should I reinstall? Is there an uninstall procedure I should go through to ensure a clean removal?

    Thanks to the community and apologies for the 101 questions, I just really want to try this out to see if I can get it to work.
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    Here are the quick instructions for a full de-install:
    - quit all music apps.
    - Delete the N4 plugins in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components and /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST
    - Delete the ReWire driver in /Library/Application Support/PropellerheadSoftware/ReWire
    - Delete <your home dir>/Music/Five12
    - Delete prefs: <your home dir>/Library/Preferences/com.five12.Numerology4.plist (option-click the 'Go' menu in Finder to navigate to the Library folder)
    - Delete the app.

    When you re-instal, be sure to use the latest Catalina-compatible build:



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      Steps completed, uninstalled and reinstalled with linked version. I am running High Sierra so I am within the version range. Should Numerology show in the AU and/or VST plugin dropdown or is it accessed another way? I can see Numerology4RW as an audio from choice now but that is it, nothing in the plugins menu. Live version 10.1.4

      EDIT: Got it! I had to deselect the VST2 use and then reselect it to force Live to rescan for new plugins. YES, off to experiment!
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        Just the VST should appear for Ableton. Make sure it is running in 64 bit mode, and that you have turned on "Use VST2 Plug-In System Folders". Also, the Rescan function often doesn't work. What does is to turn OFF the VST2 System Folder option, then turn it back on.


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          You know your stuff! This exact thing was needed and I had totally just trusted the rescan on the first install. Now I am ready to get into it, thanks so much for the help and making this powerful tool Jim.