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  • The return of the Cubase thread

    With every new version of Cubase, now at 10.5, there seems to be a cloud of black smoke like the one that comes out of the exhaust of Saul's car in Better Call Saul.

    At one point, you could go to the Blacklist and re-enable Numerology and off you'd go.

    Now, no such luck. I re-enabled and found that none of the N4 MIDI routing cables were connected in my stack. And none could be pulled. So they've done something by way of 'tightening' their adherence to whatever standard they're at.

    To add insult to injury, if you Remove the N4 Instrument track, Cubase will either hang or crash. But you're not alone: there's a similar situation going on with the Reason VST Plugin which exhibits both wonky MIDI routing behaviour *and* hangs when its instance is deleted from the project.

    It's ironic that the creator and purveyor of the plugin standard always ends up being the environment where the problems happen. And cataclysmicly. As if I didn't have better things to do during my social distancing exercise, I find that both N4 and Reason VST work flawlessly in: Reaper, Live, and Bitwig studio. So there's no excuse to go back to binge watching Netflix.

    No real need for a response there; just wiggling my fingers to try to dissipate some frustration. Over and out. And thanks for this great piece of software.