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    Hi there.

    Sorry for a (kind of) double post. Realised an anlogue sequencer was not the best idea. However, the Livid Code V2 looks fantastic. Anybody know if this is compatible?

    I'd like to be able to press each rotary button to e.g. skip a note, or turn off depending on settings etc.

    Is there any way to do this? Code V2 seems pretty customisable, but couldn't make much sense of the online manual and I'm not sure how much Numerology can accept midi message to control it's parameters.

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    I'm using a Livid Code w/ Numerology. You can indeed configure it to control all the control-ables in Numerology (just be sure to configure the buttons to use controllers and not note on/off messages.) The Max-based configuration app can be flakey ... mine stopped being able to communicate with the Code at all (I think because Java.) My Code has a config that does what I need, so I've put off figuring out what the problem is.

    It may well be my particular unit, but I've found the encoders and buttons to be prone to poor / inaccurate response for such a spendy device (the row of high-quality encoders on the Behringer box-of-knobs are much better, I have a Nord G2 with v-pots, I like those better too.) The buttons in particular seem to have a mind of their own as far as what sort of touch they want to respond to at any given moment. The dual-function knob/button encoders are a nice idea, but getting the button part to work without also sending out the knob value is difficult. It's spectacular in concept, but in reality does not perform up to its price-point (or at least my particular unit doesn't.)

    In theory, it should, however, be able to do everything you want. Despite the difficulties I've had with mine, I have been able to use it more or less successfully. It just pisses me off sometimes, and the buttons are not something I'd be comfortable using in a live situation for anything critical to the performance. It sure does look sexy.