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  • Browser - adding folders

    in the files sections of the Browser theres a favorite section - how can i actually add the folders ? for instance my sample-library location

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    Make an alias to a folder in the Finder, then drag it to:


    You'll also need to restart Numerology....

    -- at some point, I'll add a function so you can do it from within the app.



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      alias was the first thing wich came to my mind .. but your browser doesn't seem to understand an alias


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        alias works for me N4Pro (build 144)


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          strange .. all i see the icon of the alias. i can click on it but nothing happens

          what are you aliasing to?


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            Ive got an alias to the Battery 4 samples, so its a folder with sub folders, which then contain wav files.
            (also works, if i put a alias to folder with wav and sf2 files in it, so doesnt seem to matter about contents)

            Ive found a small bug though, when using 'make alias in finder'...
            (perhaps related?)
            the favourite folder name displayed, is the name of the target of the alias, not the alias name. this not very useful (imho)
            e.g. ive an alias
            Five12/Favourites/Battery Samples -> Battery 4 Factory Library/ Samples
            but N4 shows 'Samples' in favourites, a problems as there may be other directories in my favourites that have a target ending in samples.

            Ive managed to work around this, using a symbolic link i.e. ln -s
            but not sure all users will be familiar with this.

            EDIT: do you see an icon, or a drop down icon (like other folders) for folder? ... to me it sounds like you may have incorrectly created the link/alias.
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              interesting ... the finder created alias doesn't work ... the terminal created using ln -s does work

              thx for pointing me to that
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                odd... the finder 'make alias' worked for me, its just its displays the wrong name in N4. but given your issue, i wonder if your issue is related to this.

                anyway.glad you got it working... (personally i prefer these symbolic links)


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                  btw i'm on Yosemite and N4pro 145 ... maybe you're not on yosemite and you aliases are different