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Numerology on CNET (needs reviews!)

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  • Numerology on CNET (needs reviews!)

    Hey y'all. I just saw that v4 is finally posted on CNET's mac software page. There are three positive reviews (two of them are from me).

    I don't know how much it would help Jim/Five12, but perhaps a few more of us could post some positive reviews that attract some new interest there.

    I also think Synthtopia would be a good place to post some news about the software. They are always posting tutorials, reviews, and news about major updates. I expect some die-hard Numerologists are synthtopia-heads as well. They are constantly showing off all the weak, do-nothing stupid-sequencers on that site-- esp. for iPad. A recent poll showed that about 2/3 of synthtopia readers use Macs as their primary production platform, so it would be a good place to post news about updates & some kick-ass videos- demos, trailers, or just plain-ole tutorials.

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    Just gave my little review, and of course, no less than 5 stars! Numerology really deserves more attention... Btw I just checked Keyboard Magazine and found only a small article on N3 from early 2011. When N4 officially comes out I think Keyboard Magazine could be one of the best medias to give Numerology more publicity.



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      Thanks much folks!! I'll definite be sending some PR to Keyboard mag (and a bunch o other spots) when the release is up...



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        Does anyone bother reading CNET ratings? (I don't )

        When I was considering Numerology, like most things, my first port of call was youtube, here, and search for other users experiences.
        I think more examples of people using on youtube (and tutorials) is the way to get the 'word out there'. the ones already posted are great, but quite old, which does leave prospective buyers wondering ... "do these people still use it?"

        Im sure the new release, will create a bit of a buzz, so I guess some timely YT videos could help this... especially showing how much more versatile N4 is than the sequencers people know. (basically its more like a p3/cirklon/midibox, than a built in synth sequencer)


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          Originally posted by TheTechnobear View Post
          Does anyone bother reading CNET ratings? (I don't )
          You are probably right that fewer people use that resource. I have gone on there to search for software on occasion. I also look at reviews on there as well.

          It is fair to say that SOME people who might be attracted to Numerology (and this is not a diss) may be a little more "old school" in their approach. (I guess that includes me, in some ways). Ever since it was VersionTracker, it has been my homepage so I catch updates as they come out (it still is). I just flip through a couple pages to see if anything I care about has an update.

          Since the cost of posting reviews and keeping a presence at various locations is practically free, it is worth casting a broad net. And then letting word of mouth continue to fill in here & there.

          I posted some very positive reviews on a few forums I hung out on.