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    Hey all !

    I'd like to give a try to alternate/micro-tuning, and wondered if there was a quick way to set it for a whole Num project. I'm sure it can be done with some ParamMod etc..., but maybe there's a more flexible/quicker way ?

    Cheers !

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    Anyone ? Jim ? I'd be curious to give a try to the 432Hz tuning system (among others).The more I read about it, the curiouser I get.

    I must confess I'm still a bit confused by the contradictory stuff I can read about it (it's often confused with "Concert tuning" it seems), but still


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      There's no support for alternate tunings, though it is something I want to explore in the future. It's easy to do for the internal samplers, but for AUs and external stuff, it's kindof a mess. I know that U-he stuff can load tuning tables, and you can 'fake out' tuning tables w/ SilentWay, so that at least should get you a way to try it out.

      Unless you already have perfect pitch, my guess is that you really wouldn't notice a reliable difference w/ A=432 vs A=440 -- that's just 8 cents flat.

      Now, moving to just-intonation, you'll notice that! An easy way to hear some is to check out almost anything from Robert Rich, he's been using JI almost exclusively for a very long time...