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Ableton Push / Keyboard Mapping Question

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  • Ableton Push / Keyboard Mapping Question

    Hi all (and Jim),

    I've got a simple stack with an au synth and a keyboard.
    Ableton Push connected and 'mapped' to the keyboard in
    the stack.

    Seeing the yellow pads = white keys / green pads = black keys
    layout on the Push for the keyboard.

    However the pads don't align to the right pitched notes either the way
    they sound or the way they appear on the Numerology module
    keyboard graphical display.

    Do I need to set some configuration somewhere?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I ran a quick test and it looks like 'base octave' is not being respected, but I wonder if you ran into something else... -- can you be more specific about what you're expecting and what you see?



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      Have you setup the push as a controller in N4 using the User Port?
      if you have, what did you specify as the midi input for the stack? (user port?)

      if so, then that appears to be the issue.

      the controller directly controls the keyboard it does not need midi input (surprise to me too)
      if you put the input to something other than the "user port" all is ok,
      (e.g. live port, IAC or your synths midi port)

      BUT, if you put it "user port" then things get completely messed up...
      presumably because the user port is outputting 'unmapped' midi notes, whereas the lights (and the controller) is outputting the a mapped keyboard value
      (this is clear to see, if you put the keyboard in poly mode, you will then see both the controller and user port values on the keyboard)

      Solution: disconnect the midi input from the keyboard OR select a midi input to the stack of your 'other' controller (as you don't need input from push)

      @jim,as you say appears you cannot move the octave range of the push for the keyboard.

      (N4 r 142)
      also a couple of of 'oddities'
      - on the push keyboard, is it not possible to have the low and high C on each row?
      (i know duplicates on row above, but seems a bit more natural)

      - Mono note with RT, using keyboard mode on push
      I created a mono note and switch to keyboard mode on push, and then held a note down which in RT record (initially C, as I wanted to see how the octave offset worked on the mono note with push), then I moved to another note held down, runs repeat
      (leaving RT recording)

      I held the each time I held the note long enough to fill all steps (16),
      what i expected, was to just keep replacing the old note with the new note,
      but I had the following issue:
      a) lights on push were staying red ( I assume old lights not been cleared correctly)
      b) if you hold a note down and record so you get all ties, you can hear the note retriggering (see follow on post)
      c) not repeatable, but also I had a case, where Id record the new note. and would hear it being sounded, then when I let go it would stop (remember its been recorded so should not stop) and not start again until the next loop around the sequencer

      Btw, i wonder if it might be nice to have an option in RT not to record gate (like velocity)
      , that way you could keep a certain rhythmic pattern and change the notes in it.
      (only though, I came across as in above tests (c) I wondered if it was related to holding down the key, and so generating ties... so wondered if i could not record the gate)

      (sorry if a bit OT, but hope the OP is solved )
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        I've got push connected, but was playing with mono on screen.

        a question... whilst 'playing' i set all notes to tie, then drew a 'sine wave' of notes (legato off!), so what happens is no step 1 and 9 the note changes
        ... why is the trigger reset are 8 steps? (seemed a bit weird to me)

        with legato on, if you have the whole sequence on the same note, it retriggers.
        (again seems 8 steps, but Im not sure it was always in the same place)

        I guess Id expect a retrigger only at beginning of sequence...
        (possibly... if you had a pad evolving sound, you might never want a retrigger perhaps?)

        EDIT: i double the length, and retriggering seemed to be a bit 'random'

        (note, hmm, i wonder if this is partially to to do with VST behaviour? perhaps getting the same note on, when its already being played? ... don't know, but just a thought)
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          Thank you Technobear, you nailed it. I was set with Midi In from the Push User port. Everything works now that I've set it to the Push Live port. Except now I have to route MIDI through the keyboard module and then to synth modules.

          Jim, thanks for jumping in to help diagnose-- this important setting should be front and center in the Push/Num documentation…

          All the best,


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            btw, you shouldn't need to have any input selected (and I wouldnt use the Live port), as the the controller stuff goes directly to the keyboard and sequencers.

            so you only need a midi input if you have another midi source, for example a midi keyboard.


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              Originally posted by casey View Post
              Jim, thanks for jumping in to help diagnose-- this important setting should be front and center in the Push/Num documentation…
              I've just recently added some 'hint' text to the controller setups that need it, and I'm working on doc today...