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  • Len X2

    Hi all,

    Am I missing something or is this a bug:

    When I press Len X2 to double DrumSeq length, say 32 to 64, for some reason steps 16-32 and 49-64 become inaudible. I can see all the values on the screen but no sound. I am using it for MIDI. Adjusting these values does not seem to help..?

    Same thing happens if I lengthen step length with SeqSize.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    EDIT: Next day, in same project and same DrumSeq, Len X2 in did in fact worked. So this is clearly strange bug which comes and goes….
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    What I have just experienced whilst using DrumSeq-8 in N4Pro build 143 is all even numbered steps being inaudible, after going back to build 141 to test then back to 143 all is working fine again


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      I did a couple quick tests and didn't see either issue yet. I'll read through the code for any obvious issues that might cause it. Next time it happens, save a copy of the project and .zip it to me....