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Transposing a sequence from Host..possible ?

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  • Transposing a sequence from Host..possible ?

    Hi !

    Sorry for still being a noob in Numerology.
    One question that burns in my mind is this :

    Say i have Numerology rewired to Logic.
    I have programmed a (running)note sequence in Numerology.
    Now is it possible to transpose this running sequence by playing my keyboard in Logic ? (when Logic's note output goes to Numerology)

    So for example, when i play from C to D in Logic , the running sequence in Numerology transposes 2 halfsteps, and so on ??

    This feature would be awesome !

    Kind regards,


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    This can be done by using the "MIDI Transpose" param in the advanced settings panel of the MonoNote, PolyNote and MatrixSeq modules.

    Here are the basic steps to set this up for a MonoNote using an external keyboard. The same approach will work with MIDI from any other source.

    - Make sure your MIDI keyboard is connected to the computer somehow.
    - In a new stack, add a MonoNote and a synthesizer module.
    - In the Stack Input module (above the MonoNote), choose the appropriate MIDI input port for your keyboard.
    - Open the "advanced settings" panel for the MonoNote, by clicking on the 'triangle' button in the lower-left corner of the module.
    - Set MIDI Transpose to "On"

    Now when you play the sequence, notes you play on the keyboard will transpose the sequence, overriding the "Key" and "Ocatave" parameters.

    You can also set the keyboard to trigger sequence playback directly, by choosing one of the "MIDI Trig" run modes. For more details on those, see the doc: (scroll down to see these parameters).



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      Great Jim, gonna try this out today.

      Thx for the clear explanation !

      Kind regards,