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  • lfos/modulations to Ableton

    So I realize that finally with the help of Numerology it will be possible to send modulations and lfos to ableton live controls... how exactly would one go about this with numerology... also and this is kind of an ableton question but after said rack is made in numerology does anyone know if there is a way to manually input CC asignments in Live? it only seems to have a midi map mode where you twiddle the knob to assign a controller....

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    I don't know Ableton all that well, but I think something like this should work, for whatever controls can learn MIDI CC:

    - Add your choice of CV source to a Numerology stack: ModulationSeq, LFO, Envelope, etc.
    - Add a CC Gen module, route the output of the CV source into it (see Techniques #3 for more info on routing).
    - Set the CC Gen to generate a convenient CC Number to one of Numerology's MIDI out ports (or an IAC Bus). I find starting with CC #20 works well -- many lower numbered CC's (#s 1, 7, 10, etc) will tend to trigger unexpected behaviors where you aren't expecting it.
    - Start Numerology's transport, so that the CCs start happenin' (if you're using an Envelope, it will need to be triggered).
    - Do whatever you need to in Live (or anything else with MIDI assignable controls) to get it to respond to those CC messages.

    To continue with more mappings:
    - Mute the CC Gen voice you used above.
    - Repeat those steps to setup further CC's

    For troubleshooting anything MIDI-related, I find the MIDI Monitor from to be essential.