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  • cant seem to

    use the time line, it seems needlessly complex, i cant record or use the time line, i dont see any help file to to guide you thru it, but all i am basically trying to do is put the sequences in a timeline, but i cant figure it out,,,,,,,

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    The main thing is to command-drag on any track to insert a 'preset block' for that stack -- after the drag, a dialog will come up where you can pick the preset to play for that period of time. From there you can move, resize and delete blocks with the usual assortment of mouse actions. Overall, it is just a horizontally oriented playlist: the beginning of each block means : start this preset, the end of each block indicates either a change to a new preset or the muting of the stack.

    There are several items on the todo list for the timeline, and recording is pretty high on that list...