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Can I use my Hardware drum machine to control NUMEROLOGY???

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  • Can I use my Hardware drum machine to control NUMEROLOGY???

    I'm trying out Numerology and can't get my drum machine to control start, stop and tempo.
    I want to use Numerology as a sequencer for my moog voyager and my DM to control Numerology.
    My setup is:
    Acidlab Miami (Drum machine) sync out to MIDI in on MOTU Ultralite MK3,
    MOTU MIDI out to Moog.
    I can get Numerology to sequence the moog but when I press the sync button in the header nothing happens, it just freezes the stop and start button. It feels like I've tried every sync setting in Numerology.
    Any ideas anyone???

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    Here are the basic instructions to setup sync to MIDI Clock:

    - Double-click on the "Sync" label on the transport

    - For Sync In, set it to MIDI Clock, and choose the MIDI port
    you want to sync to -- in this case the Ultralite.

    - Make sure both sync out ports are set to 'None'.

    - Close the dialog, then make sure the 'power' button for
    sync is on.

    You may also need to enable transmission of clock sync on the drum machine, for that you'll have to refer to the manual for it. The MIDI Monitor from may be handy to verify that the drum machine is sending clock.

    Once everything is setup, Numerology should start and play along with the drum machine. If not, drop me an email and I'll send some more troubleshooting tips. jim <at> five12 <dot> com.