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  • Numerology Authorization

    If you happen to be considering updates...

    Please let me put my Numerology authorization on a key.
    Not being able to move the install around I'm finding to be a real dealbreaker.

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    How many computers are you moving between? Num 4 Pro allows you to have 3 concurrent installs.



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      Hey Jim.

      Thanks for the reply.
      Can't ask for better customer service than that!

      Our place runs between 2 rooms and mobile using multiple computers of varying age, and I should say it's not an issue with the concurrent installs, it's that they can't be de-authorised that I find very difficult.

      The computers we use change all the time, parts die, get swapped out etc'.
      After testing with the new N4 purchase a while back, I discovered the license issue. (You very kindly added a couple of fresh auth's to my serial, but I'm reluctant to rely on something I can't just relocate.)

      Anyway we're back to setting up N4 for a string sequencer because it's friggin awesome and nothing else will do, but the stress is still there with it.

      eg:- The machines I have available for it now are scheduled for a major overhaul in the next 6 months, so the installs are potentially voided by the hardware changes, and then like a big old pain in the neck I expect to have to come and bother you for more authorisations, (which you are not obliged to provide.)

      Moving to hardware is possibly an option but it's a substantially bigger commitment than a usb license.

      Anyway, sorry for the long-winded explanation and thanks very much for reading.




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        Thanks for the detailed reply! That's as good of an argument for de-authorization that I've heard yet. I can't say yet when it would happen, but I will definitely help move things along.



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          Thanks very much for your help Jim.
          Very much appreciated!

          Rock on.