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  • Add Modulation from AU GUI

    Hi all

    After a few weeks of demoing numerology, I feel that this host is perfect for my way of working and so I bought a license, despite having a few problems with my sound card, but thats not numerology's fault

    I have been writing a wishlist of features I would like to see implemented, so lets see if more users agree with me and of course Jim

    My first wish is the ability to right-click on a parameter in a plugin GUI and add to modulation the same way you already do with the internal modules. Some plugins have an enormous amount of parameters which make the actual numerology way of assign a bit time consuming, especially counting the abbreviations many plugs use. This would be AMAZING.
    Many times I bring a synth, a filter or a delay and start noodling around with the mouse and find a parameter that does something cool. I want to modulate that parameter right away, without having to navigate trough the list.

    I notice that Zebra2 (one of my favorites, but with a gazilian parameters) have already a right-click implemented for internal assignations, so a workaround would be necessary.

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    Unfortunately this is not something that I could implement without explicit help from the AU author, as I have no way to poke around their UI.

    I am working on some designs for an improved AU preset browser, and will be applying the same work to browsing AU parameters, so setting up modulation on them will become easier.



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      I'm glad you want to update and bring to Numerology a simpler and faster workflow for both presets and parameters.

      From what you explained, and correct me if i'm wrong, you can't create a host window on top of a AU GUI to assign parameters by right-clicking or other keystrokes. Because if it was possible, it would be easy to make this kind of fast assignments I was requesting (as an example, move cursor mouse on top of filter cutoff, right-click>add modulation>to LFO/Sequencer/Envelope, and its ready)

      energyXT2 does something similar but in a different way. If you load a VST instrument into a track, press Rec and move one or more parameters on the GUI with the mouse, the host creates one or more multi-point envelopes assigned to that parameters. Ok, thats one way to do it but not ideal to the way Numerology works IMO.

      Maybe a compromise of both ways? How about when the AU GUI is the Focused window and you press option+command+M to bring the Add Modulation window, Numerology automatically starts detect-mode. Then, you move any parameter on the GUI with the mouse and detect-mode turns off. That parameter will be the first assigned (instead of None as default) if you select that AU on the Module. it's still a real time saver.