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"MIDI editor preview"-like feature/button

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  • "MIDI editor preview"-like feature/button

    Hi. I`d like to be able to hear what actually i`m doing while input/edit of data in sequencer modules like mono note... It will be nice to have just the same little button to turn the feature on, so, when you adding a step, you can hear the actual note/sound. I`m not trying to tell you that i like Numerology to become another one Ableton Live nothing like this, but for me it is really hard to write music in pure visual way, i`m not a musician myself, so the only wat for me is to hear what i`m doing... Actually it will be nice to be able to input note and velocity date for example straight from midi-keyboard, let`s say that when numerology in "edit" mode(paused) you can just play active stack`s au instrument with midi controller, to hear how it sound, and also little "rec" button, may be active only in this "edit" mode,so,you push rec, and start to play notes on your little nano key(just got one recently), you press one key, it` value stored in first step, next step become active for editing, you press next midi can be quite intuitive way to program step sequencer modules, don`t you think?

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    I'll make some notes about that -- I definitely want to add something similar.

    In the meanwhile, you can option-click on a step in a NoteSequencer and it will output that note. That's a hidden feature I haven't yet added to the doc...