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S1gns Of L1fe - NEW ALBUM REVEALED!!! "Branches in the Sky" Coming 4.3.2013!!

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  • S1gns Of L1fe - NEW ALBUM REVEALED!!! "Branches in the Sky" Coming 4.3.2013!!

    Hey there Numerologists!!!

    In the days following the release of my latest album "Language of the Ancients" I started working on another set of tracks. Today I am announcing my next release. Introducing the next entry in the S1gns Of L1fe catalog: "Branches in the Sky."

    Continuing on exactly where "Language" left off, Branches in the Sky is a captivating 5 song EP (40 minutes) full of hypnotic melodies and pumping rhythmic soundscapes. Branches in the Sky is the perfect companion piece to Language of the Ancients. Each song is a journey into worlds that only S1gns Of L1fe can create bringing you his signature sound that earned the accolades and respect of hundreds of new fans around the globe.

    Branches in the Sky also marks S1gns Of Life's debut on Arecibo Records, a brand new ambient label from Spain. Joining other artists such as Massergy, Inner Reality, Spidergod and Rildrim, Arecibo Records is poised to be the next big force in modern ambient music today.

    Available as a digital download only, Branches in the Sky from S1gns Of L1fe will be released worldwide on April 3rd, 2013.

    Track Listing:

    Biocentric (7:55)
    Branches in the Sky (8:02)
    Stratosphere (7:43)
    Equilibrium (7:40)
    Illumination (7:06)

    The track "Branches in the Sky" will be released exclusively on SoundCloud and next Wednesday March 26th, 2013.



    p.s. This release makes EXTENSIVE use of Numerology. Can't wait for the Numerology community and fans out there to hear it!
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    Awesome -- totally looking forward to checking this out!



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      Just wanted to let everyone know that my new album "Branches in the Sky" has been RELEASED!!!

      Also, along with the digital copy there is a limited edition 300 CD run available as well! If you like your music on disc, make sure and pick up one of these while they last!!!

      Branches in the Sky is available on my site

      Cheers and enjoy!!!



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        I was curious to hear this after listening to the Ascendant demo track in N4.

        This release is still available on the S1gns of L1fe Bandcamp page: