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I lose my posts too often.

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  • I lose my posts too often.

    It just happened again. I was write a tips and tricks post, and just a gentle misstep/swipe meant that I once again lost my content.

    I believe I just touched the backspace after gently swiping my magic track pad with one and ahalf fingers. This is easy to do the trackpad sits right next to the keyboard. One misplaced movement, and the Post New Thread text window closes and I've lost my content.

    Not the most productive event for a user that is often at work in this forum..

    Why is it so touchy?



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    Dunno -- I can't say for sure. There are a couple tricks I use that would probably help you out. One is that I use "Preview Post" frequently, and always at least once -- mostly just to preview the formatting, grammar, etc., but it also means there's a backup in case the edit buffer is erased. The other trick is that for very long posts, or for posts with lots of quoting, I'll do all the editing in TextEdit, which is much easier to work with for large blocks of text. Actually, for really long posts, I write them using emacs, but that's just a developer-nerd thing....



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      Yeah, after this last time I was feeling rather miffed. But I think I should probably work in Pages, this might help with getting my Spelling wright.

      I just get motivated by the little white message rectangle, like it's the tikker tape at the old stock market, breaking news breaking news TwoToneshuzz has an idea. Breaking news that's fit to print!!



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        And, I never use the quick reply, so I could be missing some weird behavior there...