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Catalina : Beta Builds [UPDATED: 13 JUN 2020]

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  • Catalina : Beta Builds [UPDATED: 13 JUN 2020]

    Here are updated builds for OS X Catalina and Ableton Live 10.1 users:

    The OS Requirements are changing a bit. This build requires OS X 10.9 or later, and is 64 bit only. If you are on
    Catalina, or are using Ableton Live 10.1, this is the build you need. If you are not on Catalina, there is no reason to
    update yet.

    There is no disk image yet. Un-zip the file and copy Numerology to /Applications. When you start it
    up it will install per usual. There are also no sample projects. As every build has to be uploaded to Apple for
    approval, I'll be splitting media files to a separate build. This build also does not include the Propellerheads ReWire driver,
    the N4 ReWire driver is still there.

    In order to keep things easy to find, I will update this post as I have new builds ready.


    Build 194:
    - MIDI Import : Fixed an issue that caused problems importing some MIDI files.
    - Pentatonic Minor : Fixed a quantization issue with this scale.

    Build 193:
    - Fixed an issue with cables on the Routing page.
    - Fixed a problem with the N4 SE plugin installer.

    Build 191:
    - Added build for N4 SE.
    - Fixed an issue where the N4 ReWire driver was not being installed.
    - Relaxed the demo mode restrictions a bit.

    Build 190:
    - Initial N4 Pro build for Catalina

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