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FaderBox for controlling a DS Evolver

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  • FaderBox for controlling a DS Evolver

    nothing super complex nor impressive, but it shows the power of using Num to control some external hardwear.

    this is a single FaderBox module set up to control several parameters of a Dave Smith Evolver via MIDI CC signals. i have a MED, but it should work with all Evolver flavors.

    the FaderBox sliders are set to: Volume (CC-7), Filter Cutoff (52), Filter Res (53), Filter Env Amt (54), and then the ADSR for the Amp Env (75, 76, 77, 78). open the advanced triangle at the bottom of the module to see and/or change the settings.

    take a look at the CC chart in the Evo manual, and adjust to your own favorite tweakable parameters. i am going to map out everything i can on the Evo into a set of modules eventually.

    be sure to set the MIDI channel of this module to match your routings.

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    nice one, thanks for this