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Beatseq // The big one !

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  • Beatseq // The big one !

    Here is the second stack I decided to share.

    This work is inspired by Autechre cyclic compositions and some Tim Exile ; I wanted to make the design of rythmic illusions, cyclic beat modulations (which I could call breaks, but it's more complicated than that !) sequencing easier.

    It is made for using with samplers mostly ; I use it with Live drum racks, which are fully loaded of samples ; it permits me to design amazing breaks without painful sequencing work. It took me hours to make this rack, and it is not as simple I wanted to, but... this is it, and it works not so bad ! You'll get the picture when you'll try it.

    I concentrated myself more on the modulations sequencers ; you can of course add some things and let me know

    (Maybe you can Hard sync the PolyNote, to avoid mayhem)

    Big thanks to lut lei, for the Buttonbox part.

    Here's the link :

    The Beatseq

    Cheers !
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    thanks for sharing. i'll try this and your lfo stuff tonight.


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      There will be some updates : some features aren't efficient. I misunderstood the "Key" thing. I'll replace it by an Octave modulation sequencer.
      Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.

      -- Jim Horning


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        Very interesting and inspirational!
        Thanks for sharing.


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          Thanks fro sharing, really nice and useful !
          great work

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            This is great, looking forward to the update


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              Re Upload?

              Hi There,

              I would love to check this stack out but the link is dead....Any chance you could re upload it? Thank you!!