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    This forum is for sharing Numerology projects.

    If your project has only one stack (other than the Clock stack), consider posting it to the "File Exchange : Stacks" forum.

    Each post should be submitted as a .zip archive, and include any samples and/or Audio Unit Presets that are necessary for running it properly. Ideally, it should only use AU's that everyone has, which means just the Apple ones. However, as that does limit your sound generation options a bit, I'm fine with submissions that use freely available plugins, provided they are listed with the posting, including download links.

    Also, the project should generate all its sounds internally -- one should not have to route the output to a synth to hear anything. Expect that users will probably want to audition the project, and then replace the built-in sound sources with their own. You are welcome to including short audio clips of the project 'in action' with any sound sources you desire.

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