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  • DiscreetSequencerMadness


    Long time no post, but I'm fooling around with Numerology in a way that is kind of interesting so I thought I'd share my setup and perhaps create a paired down project so you can see what happens in practice..

    I've used discreet sequencing exclusively to create a virtual Jazz band.

    Velocity, Gate and Interval sequencers patched into Note Generated modules..

    I think theres over a hundred sequencers playing a DrumKit from Acoustic Samples called DrumTasteJazz, The Jbas Also from Acoustic Samples and the RetroOrgan from UVI. Sweet very lively sounding trio.

    The usual setup with a main Gate trigger stack that controls when the sounds play. Each individual sound actually has three or even four triggers controlling it's behaviour. Also I've got modulation stacks that cycle through a series of mute messages sent out to each sound controlled by 4 Velocity sequencers.
    So each sound has semi random dropped notes.

    The Organ sound uses 5 interval sequencers 3 gate sequencers and 3 Velocity sequencers. I've dedicated three voices to chords, and 2 voices to a soprano and bass line. There are five individual note generators, so if I want to drop some notes in the chords I can set up modulations to mute one of the three voices occasionally.

    The Jbass stack, is a study in making a lifelike virtual player, the solo voices is shared between two interval sequencers, two Velocity and two Gate Sequencers..

    I'm getting into using the Divide input on the Gate sequencers so I can get some of the "Divide" functionality available in the MonoNote sequencers.

    I modulate the ClockDiv parameter to get access to note length variation on the Bass and Organ parts..

    I've been sifting through this setup off and on for awhile now, and now that I get it running, it's really quite uncanny, a whole mess of virtual wires, and somewhere in there is me, my intention, and out comes something that feels alive sensible, but it's all just wires, my personal tastes, or frustrations over bad events or sour notes that get noticed, solved and the whole seems to get cajoled into shape, like herding a bunch of animals (chickens?) that seem to have a mind of their own, but with patiences and using my ears this thing comes out, that puts a wry smile on my face. At the same time I don't really say that I own it..It's my creation, nahh to big a term...

    I'll get banged this more into shape and post some paired down example projects/stacks so you can see what it's about!
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    I'm spending more time with this this weekend.

    General musing about why I would use discreet sequencing for this type of an application, a virtual thinking living Jazzband. Really feels like there's a interweaved logic between the parts when every line is broken out and individualised

    I'm discovering new tricks that I wouldn't have thought of: a choke function in th drum set. When the snare drum makes a roll, I use the gate out from it's gate sequencers to mute all the other samples by sending it to a permed with destination mute note generators. I suppose this could be done using a Numerology drum sequencer but it would take more modules..

    I just have a sense that it's easy to make the whole seem more plastic and malleable when each voices is separated out from the others and is build up of easily accessible forms such as having a 5 note pattern in the interval sequencer and a 12 note pattern in the gate sequence which results in phrases where the melodic cure shifts through a static rhythmic pattern.

    Several other advantages are to be had with discreet sequencing but also it's time consuming to setup, easy to get lost in the setup, so if some has a casual look at this setup it might seem like an impractical way to work. But I'm not going for fast and easy here, I'm going for plastic, malleable, lively.. I experience that interweaving enough lines of logic of intentions, tastes, reactions to difficult or wrong notes, adjustments, results into something that seems to run on with a mind of it's own, at the same time still being coherent and usable. It's not a random generation machine because every building block is setup up and considered, and each building blocks parametres is easily accessed and tweaked by the user.
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      Sounds like an interesting project.

      Id be interested to see/hear a video of it in action... and then as you mentioned a cut-down version to see how it 'hangs together'


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        I'm not doing a video yet but here is a track with the project in action:

        The project uses 11 stacks:

        2 for modulating the output from the sequencers, by muting the midi note generators input.

        1 Master trigger stack that houses gate sequencers dedicated to;
        drum type Small Snare, Tambour and Toms high and Low,
        the Bass Drum, Snare, Hihat, Cymbals.

        Then the JBas one and the Organ which uses 3 gate sequencers, Soprano, Chord, and bass pedal.

        It's mostly a tweak and sit job, till I find the right mix for the different parametres..

        Each stack contains many modules between 20 and 40 it's all in name of breathability space, and variation.

        One thing that I finding is helping to keep it all livng and open is to have finer subdivisions to 16 triplets or 8 triplets at the most for the individual figures..
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          Can't post photos so this is empty. Having a Problem with the Flickr share photo formatting it looks like this:

          <a href="" title="MixerWindowJazzOp by Brentliris, on Flickr"><img src="" width="75" height="75" alt="MixerWindowJazzOp"></a>
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            I've just replaced the audio file on my soundcloud:

            I wasn't happy with the chord progression or the tightness of the intergration between the Organs Pedal Bass line and the JBass. I am going to keep refining this arrangement I won't make several versions available on my SoundCloud just the latest..

            I was starting to make a paired down version of the project for posting here. But I need to do a lot of work on using the Numerology Drumsets as I've realised my arrangement with a set that has a completely different layout and make up. Also I want to find a reverb that I can use that's included in the Numerlogy audio processing buy I'm getting some weird behaviour in the the Reverb AU it is creating more of an echo effect.. Maybe my buffer is too large 1024, as it is it's unusable..

            I promise though that a DiscreetMadnnes demo project is on the top of my list for the Five12 site.


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              That's really good. It's a side of N4 id like to experiment with more when I can find the time


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                I've only just started using Numerology, and only started using the forum yesterday. I just listened to this track and it blew me away - I would love to see how this was done...