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  • MidiRecordingANDplayback!

    I've been Messing, I've been Fussin, I've Tinkering, Fiddling, Tweeks a plenty, Hammering, Hachetting and Bashing. Begging Cajoling, Caressing Pleading...Whatever I could think of or do to get simple Midi Playback in Numerology..

    This is what I found to use this day.

    A very small little tiny weeny spec of coding. It plays midi files. You can choose the output device.

    It is called Mighty Midi. it is freeware..

    I have used this other enabling program on another occasion:

    Keyboard Maestro

    I now have an to easy playback method a midi freewheeling playback.

    The Mighty Midi player has a place reserved right under the Apple symbol on the menu bar.

    I have placed my current projects media files folder "Alias" on the "Places" menu in a finder window left open and sized on my desktop. placed right under the Might Midi players spot. This is not strictly necessary but because of a quirk in the way Numeroiogy updates its media files in the finder it is a good idea.

    I've setup a couple of keyboard shortcuts and macros in keyboard maestro.

    The Play macro starts the transport on Numerology and the Mighty midi.

    Instantaneously at the same time. Simultaneous. Out of the Gate. Lift off, Mission underway !

    You can setup a midi CC number or note number to do actions menu item, keyboard shortcut. This could mean you could place start events for a midi snippet at various points in a playlist.

    The Stop macro stops the numerology transport and the Mighty Midi transport and resets it's transport to start.

    I have to have the Mighty Midi program and Maestro running for this workflow I must choose an IAC bus for playback to my midi playback device, in Numerology.

    The positioning of the Numerology window and the Mighty Midi app windows have to be precisely placed I line the Mighty Midi app's red close dot right up with the apple symbol, and the corner of my unresized Numerology window right under the time menus right most digit. both window just touch the white apple menu lower border.

    Now the workflow is record enable your midi track and record as usual. Stop recording and start again or just dis and re enable midi record for a short moment . Otherwise the newly recorded file won't show up in the media files folder. You end up with some useless midi file stumps get rid of them as you work.

    Now use the Mighty Midi app to open your midi file. move the opened Might Midi app window as mentioned
    to your predetermined launch spot. There is no drag and drop into Mighty Midi, but hey is free and it works.

    Disable midi record on your track.

    Press your Play keyboard shortcut. to stop Press your Stop shortcut..

    GOOOOooooooo dingalingalang STOOOOooop

    This works..

    Record your live midi improvs and inputs,check how things are sounding, before loading up a big Logic beastie..

    You could set up the QuickTime audio playback to do the same thing..

    This is the Wade won't take no for an ansswer Midi Playback function..

    Did I mention that the Mighty Midi, app is free.

    Did I mention that Keyboard Maestro is honest John ware?

    IS a free midi playback function attractive to you despite the rather contorted Workflow? Well I love it dang?1+1+1

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    If this works for Midi playback it can do Audio too!

    I was so relieved to get this Midi playback of live material! This does fine with Audio playback too!

    Again I have used this Numerology program for almost TWO years now. And the whole time I've wanted playback of live midi material.

    Number two on my list is playback of audio recorded with the per track audio recording function in Numerology.

    This wll help to free up resources from CPU hungry effects plug ins.

    I work my material using the tools of Numerology, I can do more and more efficiently with numrologies toolset than I ever could achieve in Logic or Cubase or whatever else is out there.. It just suits my mindset. I want to move away from the DIGITAL HIGHWAY. TwoToneshuzz is my code name because being in the NOW in the place where you are standing, is the best vantage point for me. A highway is a tunnel vision maker..

    Now the thing is if I have to open Logic or Cubase or whatever, it's no longer NECESSARY for me to work with the LIMITATIONS within a modular eviroment. I will GO into sequencing modus. I will use time FIGURING out the quirks of another system. I will LOSE time for learning one system in DEPTH because it's missing ONE or TWO functions..

    Now if I'm willing to do the trick with midi in the above post to avoid this situation. Why not with audio?

    I am willing and NOW I have AUDIO Playback of my mix. By using keyboard mastro and the QuickTime audio player..

    I don't have the option right now of rerouting the audio back to a track in Numerology..

    I don't care ! If I can use this as a quick and dirty method to work the material further, Then fine, I will work with this limitation. I can use the Nocturn in pointer modus perhaps to control the fader on the Quick time audio player..

    Audio AND Midi playback.

    No load of extra programs to buy and learn.

    No VS DX HD JS GS or whatever they want to call it. Simple tools for a simple media life!


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